Natalie (glittergirl52) wrote in loudermilk,

Straight from Mark

Here's an e-mail from Mark. I hope it clears some things up.

hey natalie....yes there have been many issues with the band and label, and alot of things are up in the air right now.
as of january, loudermilk was no longer on the dreamworks roster and none of us have really known what to tell our fans, since we've had no management since september and the whens and wheres of making a new record were changing on a weekly basis...we've kind of just let our connection with the rest of the world wain for a while so we could write as much as possible. at the beginning of march we decided to start over as a band, change the name, start with a new slate of songs, and basically leave loudermilk in the past...there was far too much baggage that went along with that name--political and much that most of you will never ever know and that's for the best. Gosling still consists of Shane, Davey, Isaac and myself, we've just opted to start over from the point that we began writing for the next record. we are in the process of putting together an E.P. and are in discussions with a few different independant record labels to release it. also the killloudermilk website will be linked to the new gosling website in the near future. i hope that our lack of communication hasn't ruined your (or anyone else's) faith in our abilities to write good music. feel free to share this
information with whomever you wish.

all the best.
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